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    St. Petersburg is a beautiful European city of about 5 million people. Crime is no greater here than in any major city in Europe or the United States. However, unfortunately, pick-pocketing of foreign tourists still sometimes takes place while they are doing the sightseeing or just walking around without guide in the city center.
Besides, if you decide to explore the city on your own, you may also confront such problems as unsatisfactory and inadequately high prices and services in some hotels and restaurants, which could be avoided if you asked for your guide's advice. 
We offer you our services to make your trip safe, comfortable and interesting - truely the trip of a lifetime with fond memories of Russia's European world class city, St. Petersburg, and, hopefully, of our services, too.
Please look up the page in this site entitled Guestbook, where you can find the opinions of previous clients. The e-mail addresses shown are there with our clients' consent and they have agreed to answer any queries that new guests may have.
Email e-mail: olguide@gmail.com.
One of Europes hidden treasures, a world class city, Russia's gem...

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